A Morning Swim in Turtle Cove

by hopesfrenzy

Hanging around Pahoa on Hawai’i island felt like being in the middle of a rain forest – mostly because it was – even so close to Hilo.

Our hosts, Donnie and Jared, were wonderful, including their dog, parrot, quail, finches, peacocks and two adorable and docile chameleons! Their open house with a vaulted roof is exactly what I expected a Hawaiian beach house to look like. Donnie took Stéphane and me around Hilo, showing us the sights and going out of his way to ensure we found green sea turtles.

We found the turtles in small cove a little bit out of the way – and I got in the water with them! I was pretty nervous, and wanted to respect my distance, but it was awesome! Such a treat!

At Rainbow Falls, oddly enough, Donnie said that he had never actually seen a rainbow at the falls until today. Lucky us!

Exploring with Donnie and Stéphane
Location: Pahoa & Hilo, Hawai'i, US

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