A Museum, a Garden, and a Dinner

by hopesfrenzy

Right outside of downtown Lima (and a short taxi ride away from our hostel), sits a gem of a museum: the Museo Arqueologico Rafael Larco Herrera. We found about it from our guidebook, and the museum contained all kinds of artifacts from a vast period of time documenting Andean and Peruvian cultures.

Aside from the primary galleries, there was an erotic section, and the museum actually let you into a large storeroom where they kept hundreds if not THOUSANDS of ceramics. Mariel and I wandered through here, taking photos and musing on the intricacies and oddities. It was an awesome experience.

The grounds of the Museo were also gorgeous! Many flowers, ferns and unique plants were scattered about. This cactus stood out the most to me – doesn’t it remind you of coral or a sea anemone? And, after we had walked around the museum and the gardens outside, dinner was next at the attached restaurant!

The setting was quaint, romantic and calming, and the food and drinks were outstanding, and very well presented, as you can see with this gooseberry pisco drink.

Exploring with Mariel
Location: Lima, Peru

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