A Slice of Life in our Big City

by hopesfrenzy

In late October as the summer heat lingered deep into autumn, Stéphane’s father and grandmother visited us living in NYC. It’s not often that you approach your own backyard as a tourist, so I grabbed my camera and tagged along, capturing some of the moments that I’ve gotten used to in the year that we’ve lived here.

We did everything: a walk through the 9/11 memorial through Lower Manhattan and the Flatiron. We visited the Met, where we marveled at The American Wing’s foyer, and at The Theater of Disappearance by Adrian Villar Rojas overlooking Central Park.

Ending our evening at Rockefeller Plaza and a view from the Top of the Rock as the sun set was perfect. This city has so many sides, and it’s thrilling to keep on discovering them.

Sightseeing with Stéphane and his family
Location: Manhattan, New York, US

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