A Week Spent in Berlin

by hopesfrenzy

My journey from Bucharest to Berlin took me through several countries – I stopped in Sinaia, Budapest, Vienna and skipped over Prague (another time, I figured) to reach Berlin and see my friend. Maddy and I were friends in college, studying abroad at the same time, and I was thrilled to be staying with her and discovering Berlin, still one of my favorite cities.

We saw museums, got beer, visited the zoo, touched the Berlin Wall, saw all the main spots and landmarks – it was a magical week. Germany is such an interesting country, and Berlin is the gateway to discovering it. I cannot wait to visit again!

Walking through the Berlin Holocaust Memorial, you start out much taller than them, but then they gradually get taller and the ground gradually slopes downward until you’re lost in a maze of them.

In the museums in Berlin, there are a ton of ancient treasures. I often take close-ups of paintings and sculptures just so that I can remember them later on, but I loved this sculpture so much and the lighting was so perfect. He’s timid. There’s a bit of humanity in this cold marble.

Exploring with Maddy
Location: Berlin, Germany

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