Alligator for Lunch

by hopesfrenzy

Being close to the American south, the city of Branson is teeming with classic riverboats that remind me of a Louisiana bayou. The font in this photograph is also very reminiscent of that same feeling. I also love how the juxtaposition of the three sets of food available for eating increases in intensity.

First, you got the classic steak and chicken, then the catfish and salmon, and THEN the (not so exotic) shrimp with the oh-so-exotic Alligator. At least exotic for me. Craziness, I tell you.  Also interesting that I accidentally cut off the rest of Alligator, but I think that captures my reaction to it: “Shrimp and Alliga–whaaaat?”

Alligator for Lunch

Exploring along the river
Location: Branson, Missouri, US

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