Arena on the Adriatic

by hopesfrenzy

Back to Croatia! It had been years since I last visited this beautiful country. We took an early morning train from Ljubljana across the border and in to Croatia. Our destination: Pula. We had a nice Airbnb with a patio that sat just around the corner of the Pula arena, a well-preserved Roman amphitheater that dominates the skyline. Every time we took the corner around to head into town, it took my breath away. Really was something to see it there, still standing, and in such good condition.

While in Pula we visited a beach and the castle as well, and had a number of good dishes, heavily reminiscent of Italian food. We also took a day trip (for wine) to Vodnjan and were treated to a fantastic wine and cheese experience from Babos Wine. On our last night in Pula, we tried to get into a museum only to discover that there was a musical performance that we almost crashed!

On our way out of Pula, with our rental car from the airport, we also stopped by the ruins of Dvigrad, an abandoned medieval town. It had some nice views of the tree-covered hills of Istria, which was different from the area right around Pula. Next stop: Dalmatia!

Sightseeing with Stéphane
Location: Istria, Croatia

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