City Among the Ruins

by hopesfrenzy

Only a 15 minute walk from my apartment, the Citta del Vaticano¬†waited a while for me to fully explore. The sky was brilliant that day at St. Peter’s, and, with this being one of my first days in Rome, I was in awe at the venerable ring of statues looking down at me. Walking out from under the giant columns, and looking down at the Roman cobblestone, I couldn’t have felt more out-of-place in such an important place.

The place is historic, no doubt, but also represents some of the worst and best of humanity Рa paradox of a place throughout the ages. Impressive. Opulent. Kind. Corrupt. Powerful.

The Vatican Museums were incredibly overwhelming. I wandered around them for hours. This particular wing I found really neat, mostly because it was very empty and had very unique lighting. I found the alcoves containing the statues to be dramatic and the whole atmosphere was exactly what I would expect of a museum housing some of the most important and ancient artifacts in the world.

Sightseeing on my own
Location: Vatican City

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