City in the Mountains

by hopesfrenzy

The middle portion of Mariel’s and my trip through Peru was in Cusco – a city perched among the clouds at 11,000 foot elevation. Short of breath, we explored this city for three days before embarking on our Inca Trail trek.

Cusco was pretty fantastic. It felt quaint, clean, safe and, while pretty touristy, it has maintained much of its charm. We started drinking Coca Tea right away, to stave off altitude sickness – it didn’t help Mariel though, who had to spend the first night in Cusco in the hospital. I spent it with her.

It didn’t dampen our trip though. The beauty of Cusco is as much in its people as it is in the masonry, the history and the food. The main square of Cusco is a hubbub of activity, including many traditionally-dressed Peruvians posing for pictures and then asking for money. The market in Cusco was bustling even more than the city outside – and not just by curious tourists like myself. All kinds of herbs, meats, seafood, cheeses and more were being sold to patrons. I also found a series of Nuevo Soles here!

Along the path to Sacsayhuaman – which turned into quite the sweaty hike – I paid close attention to the walk around me. Homes, businesses and churches lined the narrow street, which a car could barely make up.

Traveling with Mariel
Location: Cusco, Peru

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