Colors of a City-State

by hopesfrenzy

Here we go! Our adventure to SE Asia was beginning with a long layover in Singapore, a city that we almost moved to over three years ago (Amsterdam won out). It’s a place that I’ve long been fascinated with, including the history, mixed cultural heritage, and stunning architecture. We had only a couple nights here, but we packed a lot into our short adventure.

Our first full day was packed with walking, very often in the pouring rain. Thankfully it was relatively warm, but we walked all the way from Robertson Quay through the tropical city streets to the magnificent views of the bay, getting lunch and coffee along the way. The Gardens by the Bay were very beautiful, including the Super trees. And, while not our typical cup of tea, we did get a drink at the top of the Marina Bay Sands. Most of all, we just enjoyed exploring the city and gardens, and most of all the food.

Our second day before our flight out, we walked through China Town. It was quiet — too early for the markets and hustle and bustle that I think was still coming, so we lost some of the vibrancy that we were excited for. But it was also so incredibly hot in the morning sun that we were moving pretty slowly. It was neat to see the architecture here too and the creative street art. But we couldn’t wait to begin the rest of our honeymoon (and cooler weather!): Hanoi, here we come.

Marveling with Stéphane
Location: Singapore

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