Doorways: Ancient & Modern

by hopesfrenzy

On the road again! We left from Catania in the early morning to drive to Siracusa. We took a long detour through the mountains to see Pantalica canyon and the associated necropolis. Hundreds of tombs dotted the landscape as we descended into the river-carved canyon. Some of them were big enough for us to stand in. There were also other buildings and a cave-hewn church from across the centuries, now all abandoned. One bummer is that I sprained my ankle! It hindered me a bit for the next few days.

When we got to Siracusa, we drove through it and into Ortigia, where we were staying. The winding alleys of this small city were amazing; easy to get lost, until you hit the ocean. We spent the next couple days eating and drinking across town, enjoying the sunny weather and admiring the architecture. In Ortigia, there was not only a feeling of prosperity and poshness but also one of a downturn, with many derelict or under construction buildings. Also, there were many street cats that we grew fond of. It was clear the residents take care of them.

Exploring with Stéphane
Location: Pantalica, Siracusa, & Ortigia, Sicily, Italy

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