Dragons and Foxes

by hopesfrenzy

One thing we noticed right away about Ljubljana is that art was everywhere, both from its historical and modern periods. In the castle, we found an amazing setup: portraits of all kinds of people were staring back at us, not hanging from a wall, but from the ceiling and stand-up platforms. As we walked around, there were portraits actually hanging behind each portrait. It was a very unique display.

Around the city, the bridges were usually quite decorative, with the Dragon Bridge being the most famous and unique. We trekked to the north side of Ljubljana to Metelkova, an artists’ community that stunned us. Murals, paintings, sculptures and more. Some were beautiful, others shocking. There was a lot of “No means no” work.

And, finally, all around town we spotted this fox spray painted on the side of doors and walls. It always stood out in a stark, bright orange. A little menacing, too.

Marvelling with Stéphane
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

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