Guardians of the Forest of Mists

by hopesfrenzy

My program was over, and I had one last weekend in Tanzania. I decided to spend it in Moshi and do a day hike on Mount Kilimanjaro (no, I didn’t climb the whole thing).

My guide, Amsi, and driver, Ashraph, picked me up in Arusha and drove the 2.5 hours to Kilimanjaro. I was climbing the Marangu route to the Mandara hut, where most people spend their first night. Along the way, we found a pretty rare Kilimanjaro impatiens flower – with a little green bug in it.

We were booking it up the mountain, Amsi and I! It was so fun. We had great conversation. As we climbed higher on Kilimanjaro, the mists grew thicker and the light dimmer. The air was heavy and visibility low. It wasn’t the hike I expected, but it was still stunning.

The moment that made it was when we stopped and heard rustling. There they were: Black & White Colobus monkeys. The mangy hair getting caught in the leaves and branches as they leaped through the air. These guardians were spooky, too.

When we got to Mandara hut, we passed it on to Maundi crater and then headed back down to continue on to Moshi.

What was I doing in Tanzania? This was my Social Sabbatical with my company, SAP Concur. Read my stories here.

Trekking with Amsi
Location: Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

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