In View of a Glacier

by hopesfrenzy

A group of friends and I went camping in Washington on Lake Wenatchee – at Glacier View campground. It was breathtaking.

We swam and splashed in the water as the sun began to set, and when it did, nature gave us quite the show. The valley on the right hand side of these photos is where the area gets its name: Glacier View. You can’t see it here, but there’s a retreating glacier hidden beyond the hills.

It’s not often that a city dog gets to be in the wild – especially a dog like Carrie. With her namesake being a glamorous character from Sex and the City, the golden retriever in the photograph relishes more often in apartments and city streets, walking around downtown Seattle or getting her nails painted (yes, I’m not kidding). But when Carrie reaches the water, the snow or the sand, she lets her hair down and freaks out a little bit. We played with her for hours throwing a stick or balls around in the water. And she brought them back to us. Of course, there was a bit of attitude.

This is the epic sunset of Glacier View. The sky is the star, with its layered whites on grays on blues and then the fire orange of the last bit of setting sun. The blazes of war seem to be glowing orange between the mountain peaks, the clouds’ onslaught inevitably powerful.

Camping with my friends
Location: Lake Wenatchee, Washington, US

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