Into the Land of Enchantment

by hopesfrenzy

We arrived in the Land of Enchantment in Albuquerque for our annual family vacation. Our first days in ABQ and Taos were pretty busy! On our way out of the city we stopped by Petroglyph National Monument. The theme for this trip: IT. WAS. HOT. Like, really hot. Thankfully dry heat, but still incredibly intense.

There were hundreds of petroglyphs carved into the rocks and boulders — some symbols were recognizable, while others are a mystery. The true meaning has been lost to us today (colonialism).

A few of us went on a hike in the Rio Grande Gorge in Carson National Forest, which was brutally hot, but beautiful. We went on a short swim in the river — even after we saw a SNAKE. Eek!! Swimming in the river, in the hot sun in such a beautiful, quiet place was surreal. We were virtually the only ones on the trail.

Our last stop pictured here was to see the Earthships.

Exploring with the family and Stéphane
Location: New Mexico, US

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