Into the South

by hopesfrenzy

On a recent family vacation to the southern United States, we spent the first half of our week in South Carolina, on Edisto Island along the coast. While the weather was wet and stormy when we landed, it cleared up completely by the next day, and we had great weather for the remainder of our time here.

On our first day, we ventured into Charleston, which was just beautiful! The sun was already getting lower in the sky in the afternoon, which made the light beautiful. The colorful, old homes sat along tree-lined streets. Some of the trees were bedecked with Spanish moss, a common theme throughout our whole time here. In Charleston, we walked through the main market, and then along the streets to battery park were a grand tree tunnel sat in the setting sun. We finished our walk back along the water, got some dinner, and headed home in the dark.

For the remainder of our time in South Carolina, we ventured around Edisto Island, going to the beach and admiring the sunsets. I was stunned by the beach finds – amazing shells and the remains of jellyfish and even a horseshoe crab, which was the first time in my life I had seen this. Too bad it wasn’t a live one!

Exploring with the family
Location: Charleston & Edisto, South Carolina

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