Lunch and Sunset on the Way to Camp

by hopesfrenzy

Our lunch spot for our first day in Tarangire was perched above a beautiful river and what felt like the entirety of the park (it wasn’t). Down below, a herd of elephants were standing by the river. Such a breathtaking sight.

The Vervet monkeys were out in full force! This is the closest we got to them – including one that tried to take Chyna’s lunch from her hands at our table. I cautiously took some pictures of the little monkeys. They are cute, but not to be messed with. I got to spend a few minutes watching this baby and mother.

As our first day in Tarangire was drawing to a close, our jeeps raced along the empty roads to reach our campsite before dark. While we didn’t stop much, we did stumble upon a few Maasai giraffes and an ostrich that was blocking our way in the road. The light was a deep red, elevated by the dark red of the termite mounds that dotted the landscape. The air was peaceful. The mighty leafless Baobab trees standing guard over the savannah.

I’ll never forget this moment I didn’t catch on film: startled zebras running amid a sea of dust, shining in the low light.

What was I doing in Tanzania? This was my Social Sabbatical with my company, SAP Concur. Read my stories here.

Safari with my colleagues
Location: Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

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