No Town is an Island

by hopesfrenzy

Walking along the water docks, passing totem poles and the famous “Creek Street” in Ketchikan, one can only imagine what this gold mining town used to be like. Accessible only by boat, Ketchikan lies on an island with no bridges (although the “bridge to nowhere” would have connected it to its airport on another island). I arrived via cruise ship (a cheesy way to travel, but possibly the easiest way) with a small group of my best friends.

This totem pole, probably a bear, stands on top of a tall hill, up the Married Man’s Trail. One can only guess what happened on that trail, which just happened to lead off of Creek Street, the brothel district that popped up on stilts above the water. This Tlingit (pronounced “Klinkit”) totem pole is one of many that we saw in Alaska – all very beautiful and unique.

Cruising with Marcos, Sean and KA
Location: Ketchikan, Alaska, US

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