On the Edge of the Sahara

by hopesfrenzy

Our second day on the road was spent driving deeper and deeper into the Sahara desert. It started as a faint orange on the horizon. There’s someplace that deserts have to start, and I guess this was it.

Merzouga is the tiny town from which we left in our desert jeep. The camels were waiting for other riders. I’ll never forget that feeling of rolling over the desert dunes as the sun was setting. The small plant shadows were growing longer, and we passed a Berber encampment before reaching our own in the desert.

After an hour or two of sand boarding (where everyone got a little hurt!), we enjoyed the biggest and best meal of the trip, a feast that we’ll never forget. Tajine, couscous, vegetables and more!

Caravanning with the siblings, Stéphane, Nick and Ismail
Location: Sahara desert, Morocco

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