Paradise in the Balkans

by hopesfrenzy

Using Šibenik as our home base, the four of us embarked on a day trip to one of the singular most breathtaking places I have ever been. We took a bus up to the park, crossing into it on foot in the hot sun. Soon enough we found ourselves in the shaded trees, strolling next to waterfalls and streams.

All around us were falling “seed flakes.” So many that they were piling up at tree trunks. We ended our exploration with a swim and tanning on the shores of the lake, goofing around and enjoying the waterfall views. The waters were, of course, cold.  We swam all the way to the rock in the center of the falls (I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to actually reach the rock, though). There were moments when I literally couldn’t believe that I was in that place…it felt like a movie.

A lot was being constructed and developed in Krka National Park – tourist attractions really, such as exhibits and spaces for demonstrations. This building below a shop.

Sightseeing with Lacy, Tess and Brittany
Location: Krka National Park, Croatia

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