Pointing into the Pacific

by hopesfrenzy

I grew up about 20 minutes from where these photos were taken – and I had no idea whatsoever that a herd of Tule Elk resided in Point Reyes, the national seashore that points into the Pacific Ocean. This new fact excited me so much, that my sister Tess and I went on a mission to find them.

And find them we did! My sister and I wandered to the very tip of the point, along Tamales Bay, to where we could go no further. To the east, Tamales Bay the town. To the north, the rest of California.

The elk were very peaceful. Something about the juxtaposition of the herd with a major metropolitan area fascinated me.

The fence below lines a very old military post (and then it was a dairy!) which supported efforts in the Bay Area region. Overlooking this fence, and the ruined barracks and buildings, are a grove of eucalyptus trees. That scent – of dry dirt – are very familiar to me. I’m fond of this place.

Hiking with Tess
Location: Point Reyes National Seashore, California, US

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