Since I have lived in the Pacific Northwest, I have always heard of the San Juan Islands and how beautiful they are. Didn’t really realize it until I started driving up Mt. Constitution. My brother and I spent three days among the San Juans – three days, three islands.

We were based on Orcas Island, past the hills and Moran State Park, where a small park that you have to hike 1 mile in to even reach the campground lies, named Obstruction Pass background.

My brother and I continued our trips across the San Juan Islands, and on our second day we rode our bikes across Lopez Island from the ferry terminal all the way to Shark Reef and back through town to Spencer Spit. We returned to the ferry in the evening.

Our third day we decided to explore San Juan Island, the largest and most populous of the islands. Friday Harbor is the main port of call. Upon arrival we tried to get our bearings. We only expected to spend a few hours there. We happened to speak to a local shopkeeper who suggested that we take a bus to the other side of the island. Literally within minutes we were on the bus, and the bus would return just in time for us to catch the last ferry back to Orcas Island where we were staying.