Our last few days in Lima were spent between two of Lima’s most iconic districts: Miraflores and Barranco. While different from each other, they both display a penchant for color, artistry and culture — with some beautiful degradation.

We actually stayed at a hostel in Miraflores and had the opportunity to walk the beautiful cliff side walk down to a large mall (which is actually one of Lima’s top tourist destinations). We also celebrated Thanksgiving here – one of my most unique so far!

In Barranco, Mariel and I strolled around around the old streets, taking pictures and admiring the paint-chipped architecture. After an amazing lunch in an old streetcar, we caught a cab back to central Lima to catch an amazing Dali exhibit on Dante’s Inferno.

The last few days in Peru were quiet, beautiful and spent in great company. It was a trip of a lifetime.