Slowing Down in the Dalmatian Sun

by hopesfrenzy

One of the best stops on our Croatian adventure was finding a change of pace on the beautiful island of Hvar. While it had its share of tourists and busyness, we stayed in a quiet Airbnb overlooking all of old town, and it was simply fantastic. So relaxing that we didn’t want to leave.

The days blended together, but between the sunrises and sunsets, we explored in and around Hvar town, going swimming, sunbathing on our patio, quite a lot of wedding planning, and we also took a day trip via bus from Hvar town to Stari Grad.

In Stari Grad, we rented bikes and cycled around the Stari Grad Plains, a UNESCO World Heritage site as the location has been mostly preserved in their techniques of farming and layout since the Greek period. We visited the ruins of a Roman villa as well as the trims that are built in the Greek fashion, which are basically storage sheds.

It was rough and windy, and we really enjoyed wine and olive oil tasting at a small farm that we stumbled upon in the plains. After our bike ride, we went swimming a bit too off the wharf. A couple mishaps in Stari Grad though: I accidentally had the bike lock in my bag so had to run back, drop it off, and then we had to sprint to catch the bus back to Hvar; and then I left my wallet on the bus! It was an episode.

Hvar really was a surprise for us. We were worried it might be a bit too glitzy and glam, but we were able to avoid it and enjoy a relaxing few days.

Wandering with Stéphane
Location: Hvar, Croatia

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