by hopesfrenzy

An adventure with two of my friends took me to the top of Squak Mountain. Unfortunately–and surprisingly–there were no lookouts or beautiful views (too many trees, I guess), but there were the ruins of a building or house. All that was left of the structure was the chimney column, standing alone on a cement foundation in a clearing. The park had placed a bench for weary hikers off to the side, but my friends and I rested on the fireplace ledge.

I circled around the chimney and found that the entire house used to be covered in this bright red brick which, by now, was crumbling. The stratification of layers–rock, wood, and brick, wouldn’t have been evident if the house was still standing. But it is the fact that it’s not standing that makes the juxtaposition so visible.


Hiking with Marcos and Adam
Location: Squak Mountain, Washington, US

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