The Glacial Lake

by hopesfrenzy

Juneau, the capital of Alaska, was our next stop after Ketchikan. Our activity here was a bike ride to Mendenhall Glacier. Just outside the town, we rode our bikes to the edge of this lake following a pair of strange, yet knowledgeable guides. It was a breathtaking experience.

Running off the Mendenhall Glacier lies an icy lake. We rode our bikes through residential streets and park trails to reach this viewpoint. Mist rose off the lake as we caught our breath and snacked on granola bars. The rocks in the lake fed by the beautiful Mendenhall Glacier have been shaped over centuries by the ebb and flow of ice fields.

The tiny icebergs were like none I had ever seen. In fact, this was the first time I had ever seen an iceberg at all, only frozen lakes or ponds in Seattle or Colorado.

Biking with Sean, Marcos and KA
Location: Juneau, Alaska, US

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