The guardians of County Sligo

by hopesfrenzy

An epic journey took me from the town of Sligo to a village called Castlebaldwin.  We reached the village—containing at the time one gas station and a shut-down tourism office—early in the morning and were determined to set out for the Carrowkeel tombs.

To reach them we had to walk past barking dogs and into rural Ireland. We had to scale the fence into a expansive bog that, once the fog had cleared, we realized climbed to a large hill, on top of which the tombs were. The sheep watched us cautiously, but rarely actually moved. We could get within a few feet of them before they slowly walked out of the way.

We trekked all the way up the hill and, by the time we started heading back down, we realized that we had completely passed the tombs!

(A year later I would make this same trek and found them!)

Exploring with my friends
Location: Castlebaldwin, Co. Sligo, Ireland

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