The Land of Fire and Ice

by hopesfrenzy

After my sister’s wedding in Boise, we took advantage of Icelandair’s stopover extension to stay in Reykjavík for a couple of days. The weather was not great, but we wanted to stay mostly in the city anyway. Immediately after our flight, we grabbed the bus to the Blue Lagoon. I was disappointed to learn about how manmade it is, but, still, it was truly beautiful and unique. Especially after the flight and a busy week with family, it was a great way to relax and spend time together.

The waters were warm and blue; we got a drink and did some mud facials, as well as explored the different lagoons. We were one of the first groups to get there. I cannot imagine how busy it gets in the summer and later in the day!

The rest of the weekend we stayed in this beautiful red house right in the heart of the old town. There were some great restaurants, and we explored different museums and neighborhoods. I finally got to try a local IPA by buying a couple bottles from a bar (liquor stores were closed on Sunday), but not before getting caught in a huge downpour! Overall, it was a nice way to unwind before heading back to reality in Amsterdam.

Relaxing with Stéphane
Location:Reykjavík, Iceland

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