The legend of Finn McCool

by hopesfrenzy

Legend has it that Finn McCool, an Irish giant, built a bridge to Scotland to face his Scottish equivalent.  Finn finished the bridge and lied down to rest.

When the Scottish giant came looking for him, Finn’s wife put a blanket over her husband to make him look like a baby.  When the Scottish giant saw how big who he thought was Finn’s son, he turned around and ran back to Scotland, destroying the bridge behind him.

The Giant’s Causeway remains as the pillars on the coast outside of Portrush in Northern Ireland.

On the northern coast of the island, my friends and I decided to take a walk from our B&B. We explored the shore just as the sun began to set, and watched the surfers in the ice cold water. They had to wear full wet-suits as they weaved up and down the crashing waves.

It was probably one of the most beautiful sun sets I have ever witnessed.

Sightseeing with my class
Location: Portrush, Northern Ireland, UK

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