The Palace of Diocletian

by hopesfrenzy

Of all our stops through Croatia, I must say that we were most pleasantly surprised by Split. A relatively large city, the last time I came through here on a bus, I just remember it being chaotic and noisy – and there is that part of Split, for sure. However, staying in the center of Diocletian’s Palace, gazing over the red-tiled rooftops and ancient city walls, gave us a completely different perspective. I loved our stay in Split.

Getting back to the big city after our hiking and island adventures felt good, and Split had plenty to offer. It’s a living museum; just walking around and marveling at the layers upon layers of history and architecture was awesome. We explored Diocletian’s Cellars, where Game of Thrones was filmed (the dragons’ dungeon), and had some great meals. We also grabbed our last gelato of the trip.

The whole inner city just felt magical, like being in Rome or how we felt each time we saw the arena back in Pula. I’ll never forget looking out our tiny windows from the Airbnb, each one showing a different perspective of the walls and rooftops of Split, as the sun set and the birds busied about in the warm evening sky. It was a perfect end to such a marvelous trip.

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Location: Split, Croatia

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