The Plazas of Seville

by hopesfrenzy

After our tour of the Alcázar, we continued strolling through the streets of Seville. I wanted to take Stéphane to what I remember as one of the most magnificent plazas that I had ever seen – and my memory held true to reality.

The Plaza de Espana is a sight to behold. The expansive square with its large central fountain, water ways, quaint bridges, and towering steeples took my breath away, again. The columned promenade feels just so grandiose; it’s hard for my brain to comprehend the scale and detail of the entire plaza at once. So we took it in pieces.

We scaled one of the staircases to get a higher view, and then slowly strolled along the intricate tiled alcoves each representing a province of Spain. As we drew across a bridge, a horse-drawn carriage rolled by. I know it was carrying tourists, but there still felt to be a bit of magic about the whole scene. I tried to recreate a photo that had been taken of me in high school jumping in front of the central fountain, but it didn’t totally work out. 🤣

Another reason I loved this plaza: it was featured in Star Wars on Naboo.

We finished our walk through Seville at a very different plaza: Plaza de la Encarnacion. This modern plaza features a massive wooden structure representing mushrooms; in the summer heat it probably blocks the sun very well and provides respite to residents. I found the contrast between this and the surrounding older buildings to be interesting. Nearby this plaza was a wine store that we visited.

We had one more day in Seville, Christmas Day, which we spent relaxing in the Airbnb before heading out for a late dinner and stroll. Surprisingly many restaurants were open on Christmas Day, which we did not expect.

Wandering with Stéphane
Location: Seville, Spain

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