The Sea Crashing Against Portofino

by hopesfrenzy

As we strolled into the central area of Portofino, I freaked out a little because it was so beautiful! The waves were crashing right up into the square. I can only imagine what it would be like on a stormy day, up and into the storefronts.

We immediately got something to eat and some caffe – it was much-needed. Their caprese salad came with SPINACH and not basil. It was a little crazy. Then, Stéphane and I headed up the hill toward the yellow church and castle. I watched the waves crash on the cliffs for awhile. Mesmerizing, and more so that these structures sit atop this jutting-out of rock.

There were so many million-dollar views of Portofino – the town is pricelessly beautiful. On our way down from the castle and church, we ducked through alleys and peeked out at the view when we could. And we took a selfie. At the bottom, I admired the pastel houses and waiting boats again.

We didn’t spend much time here – nothing but souvenir shops and expensive gelaterias.

Sightseeing with Stéphane and his family
Location: Portofino, Italy

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