The Steep Climb to Mountain Meadows

by hopesfrenzy

Mailbox Peak is one of the steepest trail hikes in western Washington: 3,800 feet elevation climb in 2.5 miles. Needless to say, the hike took a toll on my legs. But it was worth it. Much of the hike was spent in thick trees, but when the foliage opened up to reveal the mountaintop meadows, it rendered my group speechless. The view was spectacular, the surroundings pristine.

The wildflowers were all in bloom in mid-July, and they stood out among the rich variations of green foliage.

I love the variation of color in “Palette”. How the rock transforms from rust red to grey to black around the lichen, also different colors. And the different flora that hugs it – sharp coarse needles and soft succulents. Just the palette of nature…

Hiking with Phil and friends
Location: Mailbox Peak, Washington, US

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