To the Shores of Vancouver Island

by hopesfrenzy

On our second trip to Victoria, my friends and I brought a car over this time. On the way across on the ferry, the sun was glorious. And it stayed glorious on Vancouver Island. We stayed at a resort outside of town, got buzzed and played volleyball, and generally had an amazing time. You can tell by the strawberry daiquiris!

The Juan de Fuca Straight, the major inlet into the Puget Sound of Washington and the strip of water separating the Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver Island proved to be a gorgeous ride. Previously I had seen porpoises streaming along the water, and this adventure featured a literal line of clouds that, about halfway across the straight, stopped and opened up into beautiful sunshine as we barreled towards Victoria.

On the shores near Fisgard lighthouse, after trekking a mile or more along a road jampacked with cars, my friends and I stumbled on quite the sight. It was Fleet Week in Victoria, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Canadian navy, and warships from many countries (including Australia, the United States, France and Japan) anchored in the waters off the coast.

The entire horizon was populated with the massive aircraft carriers and stalking navy ships. It felt like a war zone…I had never seen anything like it before. I imagine it would be what a blockade would look like. Ironically, we were there to get tan and play in the water, which we did, as the ships slowly lumbered around.

Traveling with Sean, Adam and Marcos
Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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