Walk on a Crisp Morning

by hopesfrenzy

After the New Year and the rain, we spent our last day in Italia strolling through town to get groceries, doing the laundry, and heading up the hill to “old Laigueglia” via some backwoods paths and winding streets. The air was fresh and crisp, but not cold, and Stéphane and I visited the same spot we had driven to over a year prior.

The town was sleepy – very few cars or people were around now after Christmas and New Year’s, and you could tell Laigueglia was sinking back into it’s normal winter lull.

I remember distinctly walking along the road, chatting and brushing my fingers through pine needles. It was a great, relaxing end to our time in Italy.

The next morning, we finished the drive back through France to the airport.

Walking with Stéphane
Location: Laigueglia, Italy

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