Wedding Jewels

by hopesfrenzy

I went to several weddings in 2013. This wedding was held at a restaurant in Seattle – we were all stunned by the unexpected classiness of the interior and views of Lake Union. The decorations were beautiful, as was the company at our table.

I love this photograph for a few reasons. The color scheme is perfect. I enjoy the subdued yellows, whites, beiges of the flower and jewel centerpiece and the back wallpaper. And then my friend in her bright lipstick and the hint of teal with her dress. I like the thematic elements as well. The jewels hanging from the stick centerpiece match the jeweled chandeliers so far above. The branches and floral motif match the wall paper.

Clearly we are enjoying ourselves. It was a magical night.

Wedding Jewels

Attending a wedding
Location: Seattle, Washington, US

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