We’re in the Cities, Trick!

by hopesfrenzy

My first time in Minneapolis I traveled there specifically to visit my friend Elizabeth. We hung out in both cities – St. Paul and Minneapolis – and it was a blast! I loved seeing the St. Paul capital building and the large cathedral.

I was so excited to be driving along the bank of the Mississippi river in St. Paul that my friend and I pulled over so we could do some exploring (I ran around taking pictures and she just sort of followed me along). It was such a beautiful night, and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a large American river before…it was so amazing just to be looking at it.

The sculpture garden in Minneapolis has one piece that intrigued me most of all–the bridge that spans the highway below, connecting the garden with a park on the other side. Along the railings of the bridge there is a poem written. While the poem was far too abstract for me to explicate in one sitting/walking, this line So Much Like a Beach resonated with me more than the others.

For me, it represents how humans can relate anything to anything…how we can say love is like a beach or life is like a beach or even how a toaster oven is like a beach (I could do it, believe me). It is so much like a beach, after all.

Wandering with Elizabeth
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

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