A Drive on the River Road

by hopesfrenzy

The Whanganui River Road is one of the most beautiful drives in New Zealand, and – lucky for us – traffic was stopped at the end of it, so we met very few cars along the way. We spent a few hours winding along the sunny road, stopping at overlooks and historic sites.

The Whanganui River is the first river in the world to be granted legal rights equal to that of a person. It is sacred to the Māori, and the river has one Māori tribal representative and one from the government to represent its interests.

At the end, we had to wait for the roadblock to clear at noon. I walked and tanned in the sun, listening to the lazy river roll by. It was a great afternoon.

Road Tripping with Stéphane
Location: Whanganui River Road, New Zealand

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