A Morning with the Monuments

by hopesfrenzy

This is the morning that almost never was. I had to wake up before 6 to get out on the road as the sun was rising. And I almost gave up at my alarm and went back to bed. Alas, opportunity won over.

I rented a bicycle from the street and started my ride, mimicking the night before with a farther destination: the Jefferson Memorial.

After the Vietnam and Korean War Memorials, I biked past a military event at Lincoln Memorial and on to the road to Jefferson along the Potomac River. The sun was in a perfect spot to illuminate the columned structure and Thomas Jefferson himself. I went crazy with pictures.

After a roundabout the Capitol Building, Library of Congress and the Supreme Court, I returned to my hotel to start my day. A perfect morning!

Biking on my own
Location: Washington, DC, US

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