A Night in the Tower

by hopesfrenzy

On my second venture to the Naples region I went to Sorrento and Nerano, beautiful towns sitting on the Bay of Naples. Sorrento was a bit of a tourist trap, but Nerano was quiet and beautiful. In Nerano, we stayed at a 500-year-old tower – refurbished on the inside.

From Piazza Tasso, the view of Sorrento stretches before you. The cliff drops to a walkway that leads to the ocean. Many buildings–houses, cafes, even a nightclub–sit precariously on the cliffside. It’s amazing to me that these cliffs, virtually man-made by the looks of them, can actually hold all of these buildings.

Sitting on the beach in Nerano, this kid rode his bike down the wharf and spent an hour or so just riding back and forth doing bike tricks and wheelies and such. We started off tanning on the beach, but eventually, as you can see, the sky got quite a bit overcast.

“Tower View” is what we woke to in the morning. A stretching Mediterranean before us with the sun rising. And flowers. I loved the gauze-y curtains. This picture just brings me back.

Traveling with Lydie and Megan
Location: Sorrento and Nerano, Italy

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