A Walk on the Luxurious Side

by hopesfrenzy

On a brilliantly bright and sunny day with big clouds in the sky, our afternoon in the city-state of Monaco was perfect. They were prepping for the Monaco Grand Prix which was only a week or so away. The city of Monte Carlo was where we spent most of our day.

After parking at the very bottom of the cliff, we explored along the windy road through parks, cobblestone streets and past the prince’s palace (oooo!). The highlight of the day was the Musée océanographique de Monaco where we pet sharks, explored an AMAZING whaling exhibit (i.e. Moby Dick connection!) and frolicked on the rooftop overlooking the sea.

When we finished, we left the city-state through the south exit and continued on to our destination: Laigueglia, Italia.

Exploring with Stéphane
Location: Monaco

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