A Weekend in the Concrete Jungle

by hopesfrenzy

I was in Chicago for a work conference — my first time ever in Illinois and this major metro — and I checked off a number of sights from my list. The city was thrilling!

The sky in Chicago this day felt a lot like my body, after a late night work event. From my hotel I ventured to the Field Museum on the shore of Lake Michigan, and on the way I crossed over the train tracks.

One of Dali’s paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago intrigued me — not that most don’t — but this one caught my eye more than others. It is called A Chemist Lifting with Extreme Precaution the Cuticle of a Grand Piano and the woman in the painting with the flower head rendered me speechless. What looks like eyes, the centers of the flowers, both mask her face and give her sight all around. And then the frame, on the right side, look like thick figures matching the woman. I also once heard that each woman appearing in Dali’s paintings is a rendition of his wife. All the more interesting…

I completed my stay with the architecture tour of Chicago’s downtown along the Chicago river. It was actually breathtaking and impressive. Amazing history and stories behind every building. I loved this one specifically. In the Celtic days in Ireland, the Irish lords built roundtowers, tall and imposing, protectors of the villages.

Exploring the city
Location: Chicago, Illinois, US

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