About Belfast divisions

by hopesfrenzy

Belfast is perhaps one of the most interesting and tragic cities I visited in Ireland. Northern Ireland, ripped apart for decades by religion and nationalism, is represented in Belfast by the black cabs, the cemeteries, the wall and the murals. As part of our Peace and Conflicts Program, we took tours, met IRA and UFF veterans, talked to newspapers and more. It really was an enlightening and affecting experience. These photos capture that feeling.

Taken along the River Lagan, “Belfast sunset” symbolizes the turmoil of Northern Ireland. The setting sun, beyond the barbed wire fence, represents this sense of hope beyond a tumultuous and dangerous barrier.

“U.F.F.” is a mural for the Loyalist’s Ulster Freedom Fighters paramilitary group. Walking around these areas where violence erupted multiple times taught me how lucky I am to have missed our own revolutionary war.

Learning with my class
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

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