Above the River, Through the Terraces

by hopesfrenzy

Our third and last full day on the Inca Trail led us to Phuyupatamarca and, finally, to Winay Wayna. Similar in position – perched high in the mountain clouds overlooking the Rio Urubamba – both ruins were massive complexes of terraces, staircases and small buildings. Agricultural centers.

The path there was magnificent as well. It rained this day – hard. We descended 3,000 steps along the Inca Trail, massive stone steps they installed in the side of mountains.

Finally, the sun set at Winay Wayna as Ruben told us the story of the southern cross and gave us some historical knowledge about Machu Picchu and what happened to the Incas.

Trekking with Mariel and the Sexy Llamas
Location: The Inca Trail, Peru

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