Across from the Palace

by hopesfrenzy

Returning to Granada after more than 15 years was a strange feeling. More so than Seville, my visit to Granada stuck out in my memory. I recall how magnificent the Alhambra was, and how much I enjoyed strolling through the streets of the small, beautiful city.

This visit was very fun as well, but we made our way through the market to San Pedro, the neighborhood across the Darro river from the palace and fortress. While our main destination was a restaurant with a beautiful view for lunch, we took our time with the family, enjoying the cool early afternoon and amazing architecture. When we got to the restaurant, they were fully booked! We were about to turnaround, but they told us to wait – someone had just called and cancelled! So we got our table and had a fantastic meal – complete with a view of the Alhambra.

After lunch, Stéph and I split off to walk up the mountain to catch some more sights and views of the city. It was a great afternoon.

Exploring with Stéphane and his family
Location: Granada, Spain

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