Adventures at Bray Head

by hopesfrenzy

Exploring the Dublin environs, we took the DART to a town called Bray, with its own miniature mountain, Bray Head. Beautiful view of Dublin Bay from the top of Bray Head, a gorgeous mountain overlooking the town with the same name. It juts right out of the town. The sky looks like rolling hills or folds of sort, culminating in that orange cream horizon.

At the top of Bray Head sits a massive cross. Ireland is a majority Catholic country, and it didn’t surprise me one bit to find the cross up there. I was surprised, however, to find it covered in graffiti. Goes to show that even the most religious countries have their dissidents.

Part of my love for “someone once told me love was a blur” is the sheer randomness of the photograph. In fact, it seems more like it’s fate that I took the picture at that exact moment so that I could clearly make out the heart. It doesn’t even matter to me what the other words are. It has the feeling that someone is running from something. There’s something missing.

Sightseeing with my friends
Location: Bray, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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