Alleyways by the Shore

by hopesfrenzy

One of the most magical parts of Ohrid was the winding, narrow alleys that led up and down the cliffs, from shore to castle. We were staying halfway up, so no matter where we wanted to go, we had to either go up or down, and this involved a sense of adventure and sure footing.

The architecture of Ohrid is quite unique, with its historic townhouses that have “hanging kitchens” or other floors that actually jut out over the alleys to provide more space on the levels above ground. The white houses with wooden beams were everywhere, and provided such a beautiful setting, especially at sunset.

We tried to get as much sun and swim as much as we could while we were there; we found our favorite beach that was on the far side of the mountain, away from most of the tourists. It was perfect, just floating in the clear water while lake birds flew past. In the area on the mountain I found lots of lizards, and we even saw a few wild tortoises munching on the grasses.

Ohrid still has a rough side, with many abandoned buildings. The hills seemed to fold into each other, so around each corner was a new view. By the time we were leaving, I still felt like I was discovering new parts of the small town. I am so thankful that we flew into Ohrid and spent this time here; it was such a fantastic way to start our Balkans adventure.

Exploring with Stéphane
Location: Ohrid, North Macedonia

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