Andalucía in the Morning Sun

by hopesfrenzy

It was New Year’s Eve, our final day of 2021 and our second-to-last day in Andalucía. The sun was out, and Stéph and I got a late start, so we stayed nearby our Airbnb and walked (hiked) up the hillside to the ruins of a Castillo de Zalia, a very old, ruined castle from the 1400s. There was very little left of it. On our way up, we had spotted a couple of guys who had climbed the remains for a view, relaxing in the sun. After we scrambled up the side and followed suit, we sat there and just took in the broad view of the countryside. Farms and estates dotted the landscape, and in the very distance we saw some stark white hill towns.

It was a quiet morning; we took a different path home down the hill, around a large hotel with a pool. We passed some workers on the way down, too. I loved the dry dirt smell and being surrounded by olive trees. It was a peaceful way to close this journey through Spain.

Hiking with Stéphane
Location: Alcaucín, Spain

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