Art in, around, under the City

by hopesfrenzy

Art seems to be part of the fabric of Montréal itself. Artistic expressions could be found everywhere. It was accessible and woven into each experience.

At the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History, there is a series of exhibits that create a very memorable experience. The Memory Collector is an old sewer built in 1838 that now features a light and sound show as you walk through ruins. Further on, light plays another part as it highlights features of the ruins or outlines where buildings used to stand in old Ville-Marie settlements.

On our first evening there, we had secured tickets to a musical experience at Notre Dame cathedral that was awe-inspiring. Laser lights glanced off the intricate architecture of the domes inside. Vivid projections played on the walls behind the altar. My neck hurt by the time the show finished because I had been turning every which way to get the full experience!

Murals and art were everywhere! In the subway, parking lots, on restaurants and other buildings. I captured only a few.

In Lifting of Summer, a power washer is somehow stripping the road of its dark coat to reveal a beautiful layered painted street. I stood here to watch the act for a few minutes. It was so cool.

Exploring with Stéphane
Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada

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