At the Christmas Market

by hopesfrenzy

We took a mid-afternoon train from Luxembourg into Germany. Our destination: Trier. The weather in Trier was in and out, with both blue skies and grey, rainy days, but it was a beautiful city overall. The Hauptmarkt, or the main square (also called the “most beautiful square in Germany” for its intricate, colorful buildings) was a destination that we often crisscrossed as we visited different sights. I really liked the Steipe for its unique sloped roof (we saw a similar building in Koblenz!).

But why were we in Trier in December? Well, the Christmas market of course. The gluhwein aside, it was such a fun atmosphere with the sweets, ornaments, and trees all around. Too bad it didn’t snow =)

I was really amazed at the architecture of this part of the city! There were many pieces of art and interesting statues.

Along the walk home to our Airbnb, on the other side of the city, we walked by the St. Simon und Juda church, which felt like something out of a fairy tale. A stone bridge crossing a stream that fed into the Moselle river, approaching a steep cliff and a pink, crumbing church. It was very picturesque.

Lastly, the abandoned apartment building which is featured last in the photos below was really something. We passed it a couple of times, and it sits at a relatively major intersection. To be so rundown at such a place… there’s a story behind it.

Wandering with Stéphane
Location: Trier, Germany

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