Backpacking to Boulder River

by hopesfrenzy

A two hour/four mile hike along the Boulder River trail in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest leads you to a dead end where there are loose camping sites. We weren’t roughing it per se, but we did have freeze dried meals and followed the “leave no trace” principle (which, as I almost forgot, included having to wash and swallow your meal bowls – I HATE pasta water).

The river provided a steady white noise to our adventure, and as the sun was setting, it also provided a beautiful, colorful view.

After we set up camp and stripped our hiking clothes (wet from sweat), we hung them out to dry. Clearly there’s a sense of loneliness, but also of life. The surroundings are so much more, for lack of a better word, massive than the camp and the pieces that make up the camp that this photograph serves as a reminder to me that on our own, we can’t really change that much about nature. And also that we really shouldn’t be changing too much.

Backpacking with Adam
Location: Boulder River, Washington, US

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